Saturday, November 7, 2009

01/W FD Fix - LCD and FDD replacement (2009) Part1

First of all, I'd like to thank someone who shared LCD module replacement information on Wavestation, which uses the same LCD module (Optrex DMF5005N), and Ken, who gave me some hints on using a ordinary 3.5 inch floppy disk drive.

It all began when I turned on my 01/W FD after long busy days. The characters on the LCD were broken and there was a big black square shape on the right side as below.

( Refer to Hajo's blog :,
it also contains information on sticky key repair,
a Japanese site that includes CCFL back-light replacement and sticky key repair :
Many repair pictures : )

First of all, I suspected LCD module as the source of the no-sound syndrome. So, I ordered
two kinds of capacitors for LCD module, 10uF 50V and 4.7uF 50V (I used higher voltage than original voltage for durability).
I also ordered 100uF 35V capacitors in case of the usual suspect fault.

I replaced capacitors on LCD module and even the usual suspect capacitors but it didn't work at all.

(Above : Usual suspect capacitors on main board)


  1. nice info Jay... :)
    i also have korg O1W, but LCD has broken..(white screen, the text washy)
    maybe i have to try it later..

  2. Hello, my name is Nicolas.
    I contact us about a question on my power supplie of my korg 01/W.
    My Korg do not want to power on. I have my +/- 12V, my 5V on my PQO5RF2. But I have no supplie on my LCD output (TA 042) CN16 A.
    What voltage I must have on this output ?
    Why i don't have any wire on my CN4B, i have only 4 wires to my mother board ?
    Have you another idea ?

    Thanks for your help

    PS: Excuse my english, i m French. Sorry

    1. i have a similar problem so we can try to share info on this...


  3. hi i have the same problem with the lcd where did you buy yours... please help thanks much my email is